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Over recent years, the Radio Communications industry has seen many changes, both within the Industry itself as well as with the Spectrum. Technology is developing quickly and new and exciting concepts are starting to enter the Industry. The shape of the Industry is also changing and there is now a trend towards more of a dealer-oriented radio supply chain and less influence from the main suppliers in the market. In many ways, the suppliers are moving to a “warehousing style” of operation and not spending the time or resources in debating and protecting the Spectrum whilst radio dealers are heavily involved in the day-to-day running of their businesses and survival.

In addition, fiscal pressures from Governments are forcing the regulators to re-evaluate the value of the Spectrum. In today’s environment, there appears to be much more emphasis on ‘the public benefit’ of the Spectrum with regard to financial returns than on its regulation and protection.

Contrary to popular belief, the Spectrum is a finite resource and can easily be polluted and made to be unusable without proper protection and management. ARCIA has decided that it must take up the role of assisting the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) who are the responsible entity for Spectrum management and present them with a balanced and responsible view on behalf of the users of the Spectrum.

ARCIA works in conjunction with the ACMA Field Operations section to not only assist with ensuring compliance with licence conditions, but also to help educate the industry in relevant areas. In Perth in mid-2016 there was a presentation to the local industry on ‘Interference management’ and the presentation is available for download. The contents cover several areas and should be of interest to all wireless communications users. Download Presentation Here.

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