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  • ARCIA President's Report May 2016 - Working Together To Benefit the Industry

    26th May, 2016

    2016 has kicked off and already a number of meetings and events have taken place. Our website had been showing its age, so the website subcommittee has been very active in making changes to theARCIA website with a view to making information mor...

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  • ARCIA President's Report March 2016

    23rd March, 2016

    As the summer heat leaves us it is time to focus on the coming year, with all the opportunities and challenges this will bring. During February we held our annual planning day in Melbourne with the committee discussing detailed plans for 2016. I a...

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  • ARCIA President's Report January 2016

    26th February, 2016

    Welcome to 2016! Can you believe we are over half way through this decade already? I hope that you had a well-deserved break over Christmas, and that by now whatever natural disaster always seems to happen this time of year is under control. Last yea...

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  • ARCIA President's Report November 2015

    25th February, 2016

    The end of 2015 brings on Comms Connect Melbourne and the ARCIA annual Gala Dinner. So much time and planning goes into these events; I would sincerely like to thank everyone who helps bring our industry together. It certainly has been a big year for th...

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  • ARCIA President's Report September 2015

    24th February, 2016

    The Annual General Meeting of ARCIA was recently held and I was delighted to be nominated and accept the position of President again; so I am sorry, you will have to put up with me for another 12 months. Seriously, I would sincerely like to thank al...

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  • ARCIA Presidents Report July 2015

    29th July, 2015

    As I write this, ARCIA has held events in Perth and Sydney, plus Brisbane at the end of July. These events, in conjunction with mini-conferences from Comms Connect, are an excellent way for all industry participants to get across the latest technologie...

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