• 2017 ARCIA Planning Day

    8th February, 2017

    Each year in February, the ARCIA Committee convenes to discuss what ARCIA has achieved and to set key priorities for the coming year. Our next planning day is Wednesday, 8th February 2017 and will be held at the Park Royal Hotel at Melbourne Airport.

    This year we will be concentrating on the update of our website, discussions on membership, and what we should and can do for our members. We will also be having a discussion on the events calendar.

    The events discussion is important as we need to ascertain whether it is still viable and valid to provide the smaller versions of Comms Connect to our members in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. From Comms Connect perspective, Westwick Farrow cannot justify the expenses involved in these events and ARCIA have acted as the event sponsors. Do you think we should be using member funds to provide these events? This is a serious issue and will be discussed at the planning day. If you have thoughts please email us at info@arcia.org.au and let us know.


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