• 2014 Perth APCO Australasia and ARCIA Dinner and Seminar

    17th April, 2014
    2014 Perth APCO Australasia and ARCIA Dinner and Seminar

    Thursday 10th April saw a new format for ARCIA regional events, in addition to the popular evening dinner, an afternoon seminar was also presented.

    The combined events were held at the Pagoda Resort in the Perth suburb of Como with an informative seminar during the afternoon followed by the regular ARCIA dinner in the evening.

    The seminar was well attended and presentations on the unification of critical communications, industry accreditation and also risk reduction through change management were very informative and of interest to those who attended. An outline on the present plans and progress being made by ARCIA were also presented by ARCIA President, Hamish Duff.

    In the evening a representative crowd from the Western Australian communications industry heard a presentation on training and education needs by Jim Simpson, the ARCIA T&E Coordinator. Many of those present recognised the importance of ongoing training and were keen to hear more. Much discussion took place throughout the evening on this topic.

    ARCIA WA representative, Rob Howes, gave a short presentation on the history of radio communications in Western Australia, from the international telegraph arrival at Broome to the early Flying Doctor systems. Western Australia has always shown initiative in designing and implementing new technologies, a tradition continued today by companies such as Spectra Engineering and Omnitronics.

    The combined functions format was an initial trial in Perth, however, ARCIA is keen to hear feedback from everyone see if there is interest in this format for other areas. If you have any thoughts please contact info@arcia.org.au.

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