• ARCIA responds to IPART NSW

    Posted on: 20th April, 2019

    During March the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) of NSW released a discussion paper on the review of pricing for access to communications towers on Crown Lands. ARCIA challenged the review by responding to the discussion paper with the support from its members. ARCIA believes that it is in the best interests of its members, both in NSW and other states, to challenge Government decisions where they can be seen to be detrimental to the growth and ongoing viability of our industry. We have had examples of where rental increases as a result of IPART determinations have caused members to discontinue services that were previously profitable. We believe that the format involved in the submission is such that if the review process does not respond favourably and continues with the exorbitant rates presently charged then the submission would form a solid base for a challenge through the NSW Civil Appeals Tribunal. Stay tuned.

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