• Annual General Meeting

    Posted on: 6th August, 2018

    Join us at our next Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 8th August at 3.00pm AEST

    Election of Committee Members will take place at the meeting in addition to other business as notified.

    Nomination for Committee positions must be lodged by COB Wednesday, 1st August by the following format:

    1. A valid full member (or representative of a valid full member) makes a nomination by sending an email and making the nomination to info@arcia.org.au. The email needs to be forwarded to another member for seconding, cc to Secretary (Anthony Blyth) and nominee.
    2. The member seconding the nomination endorses the original email with the notation that they second the nomination and then forwards the original email on to the nominee with cc to the Secretary (Anthony Blyth) and original nominator.
    3. The member nominated then indicates on the original email that they accept the nomination for the relevant position and forwards the full email through to the Secretary (Anthony Blyth) who records the valid nomination. The email should also be cc’ed to the nominator and seconder.

    If we get more than twelve nominations for the Committee, there will be a ballot at the AGM. If we get less than twelve then the people nominated through this system will be automatically declared elected at the AGM and nominations will be called to fill the vacant positions.

    If you have any questions regarding the above instructions, please email Ian Miller.

    The 2018 AGM will be held by teleconference:

    Local dial-in numbers:
    Melbourne (03) 9999 5000
    Sydney (02) 8999 0900
    Brisbane (07) 3177 2900
    Gold Coast (07) 5699 8600
    Perth (08) 6555 0600
    Adelaide (08) 7070 0600
    Canberra (02) 6171 0500
    Darwin (08) 7999 7500
    Hobart (03) 6111 0700
    Launceston (03) 6388 8200

    Conference codes - Guest code 833450#

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