• ARCIA Welcomes New Committee for 2017

    Posted on: 26th September, 2017

    Thanks to everyone who attended the annual general meeting in August. Members voted on a modification to ARCIA's Constitution to allow for the election of a second Vice President to help distribute the responsiblities of ARCIA's Executive team. Congratulations to Glenn Sneddon and Gary Botley who were elected as the two new Vice Presidents. ARCIA would like to thank Jim Simpson who was the Vice President for a number of years, but who needed to step down due to personal reasons.  

    Hamish Duff has again accepted the role of President and will continue for another twelve months - he believes that the support and work that ARCIA are doing in the public safety domain are important and that we should maintain the effort.

    Andrew Wyborn was re-elected Treasurer and Anthony Blyth has again accepted the Secretary position.

    We also welcome Justin Quinnell (Radlink), Chris Stevens (Surf Lifesaving), Nick Stefanou (Mobile Comms), Brad Welch (TPL Systems), Roger Webber (Telechnics), Stuart Munro (Addcom) and Damian Costello (Tetracom) as full committee members, with David Britt (DB Telecoms) and Wayne Turnbull (Telechnics) as ex-officio members. This will give our committee added emphasis and our efforts over the coming twelve months should see our actions continue at a high level.

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