ARCIA Accreditation Program for 2018 - Setting the Standard

What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a set of standards established by and for the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association. Programs such as this provide businesses with a benchmark to become recognised providers of a standardised level of service and business practice. Each applicant is independently assessed to ensure they meet the levels expected of an ARCIA Accredited Professional.

Why Do We Need Accreditation?

Accreditation provides customers and the industry with an assurance that the organisation they are dealing with is committed to the highest quality business practices, consistency and reliability in the delivery of service, professional standards and dedication to continuous improvement.

How Do We Obtain Accreditation?

Apply directly to ARCIA by completing an application form and checklist accompanied by payment. Please note you must be a Corporate member of ARCIA in order to apply for Accreditation. Download the Application Form (PDF) or Application Form (DOC) and Check List (PDF) or Check List (DOC) and submit them, with a payment of $500 + GST (cheques payable to ARCIA Inc.), addressed to:

Accreditation Sub-Committee
9/21 Huntingdale Road,
Burwood, VIC 3125

Initial accreditation lasts for three years and includes an independent audit of capabilities. Subsequent extension of accreditation, provided no major details have changed and another audit is not required, lasts for five years and costs $500 + GST. On or near expiry of the period stated on the accreditation certificate, contact ARCIA in writing, stating that you are requesting an extension of accreditation and that no major company details, practices or capabilities have changed. Once payment has been received and the committee is satisfied with the position, a new certificate will be issued. However, if circumstances have changed, another new accreditation application must be made as above.

Can We Obtain Accreditation Online?

Yes. Click here to be taken to the Accreditation Application Form.

Please note: You must attach the following information in PDF/DOC format. Before uploading ensure there are no spaces in the file names (either add - or _ instead). We advise to have these files ready prior to filling out the application form. 

1. Copy of Certificate of Company Registration
2. Copies of current Certificates of Insurances for State(s) of operation (e.g Public Liability, Professional Indemnity)
3. OH&S Documented Policies

What Happens Next?

Applications will be processed within 60 days. A panel of three independent consultants will carry out the accreditation process and will be in touch with applicants during the process. Once an application is approved, an official Certificate will be issued, valid for a period of three years. Accredited ARCIA Members will go on a special register on the ARCIA website. A Media Kit will be issued detailing official use of the Accreditation Logo by Accredited Members.

Disclaimer: Please note, only officially Accredited Members can use the ARCIA Accreditation Logo seen on this page. Any company found to use the ARCIA Accreditation Logo that is not an Accredited Member will be reprimanded and may risk being disqualified from future Accreditation applications.  

Alll Accreditation enquiries can be directed to

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