About the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association

ARCIA is the peak national industry body representing the two-way and associated wireless radio communications industry in Australia. ARCIA is a not-for-profit, incorporated Association that seeks to promote issues such as the protection and better utilisation of the radio communications sections of the spectrum. It also works to increase the level of training and expertise of those who are employed in radio communications as well as promote increased public knowledge of the vital role that the radio communications industry plays in Australia’s way of life.

The Australian Radio Communications Industry Association is the proud host of a number of initiatives including nation-wide Industry Dinner and Networking events along with the Annual Industry Gala Dinner, which gives industry professionals opportunities to network, publicly recognise industry excellence, and build and develop relations between communication authorities, industry companies and professionals in an relaxed environment. 

The Australian Radio Communications Industry Association’s elected committee has also established an industry accreditation program that encourages best work practices and ensures a benchmark industry standard is recognised nationally. Accreditation that they envisage, will be become a core requirement of all radio buyer quotation requests and tender documents.

Through implementing diverse, industry-specific initiatives the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association seeks to raise the profile, importance and awareness of radio communications in Australia.

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If you are looking for information on radio frequency regulations please visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) website. ACMA plans and manages the radio frequency spectrum in Australia. It is responsible for compliance with licensing requirements and investigating complaints of interference to services.


The Australian Radio Communication Industry Association (ARCIA) is an association representing individuals and professional organisations that provide and support two way radio communication and wireless based solutions, whose mission is to:

  • Promote and foster future industry development and growth.
  • Promote high ethical standards of business conduct within the industry.
  • Create environments to promote the exchange of ideas among its membership, radio users, industry professionals and manufacturers.
  • Provide educational and promotional opportunities to enable its membership to grow and advance professional standards.
  • Represent and promote the interests of its membership to the radio user community, manufacturers, regulators, other associations and the media.
  • Provide, from time to time, specialist services that the membership require to further develop the interests and benefit of the industry.


ARCIA’s key aim is to actively canvass support and involvement from all sections of the radio communications industry right around Australia in order to become an effective voice on behalf of the industry to the Australian government and regulators.

The Australian Radio Communication Industry Association will also strive to implement diverse, industry-specific initiatives to raise the profile, importance and awareness of radio communications in Australia.

ARCIA aims to reach out to other similar industries and organisations to improve the ability for wireless communications to be recognised as an essential service. To also support the Public Safety sector with advice and support in their needs to have communications facilities offering the best possible communications platforms.



Our 10th Year

ARCIA has made huge gains on behalf of the radio communications industry and as we move from our tenth anniversary forward, we also acknowledge that the future of the world is wireless. The skills of our industry are required now more than ever and the knowledge and expertise of our people will open doorways to the future. Our video recaps the aims of our association and shows the way ahead. 

10 year video

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